Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!
Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!

Plastic-free oral hygiene

We already saw how to reduce plastic consumption in everyday life. Now, it’s time to get closer to the goal of an ecological life: learn new healthier ways for your daily oral hygiene!

Brushing teeth
Dental floss
Be smart & save money

To brush teeth… An action that is so common, no one thinks about it. Toothbrush, toothpaste and that’s it. Before going to bed, a quick floss, a rinse with mouthwash and everything is fine. …are you sure?

Igiene orale in plastica | Petroleum-based oral hygene

Of course not, everything is plastic! Not to talk about the amount of wasted packaging. If we really want to get rid of this toxic material, we need to find a better way. The good news? Plastic-free options are literally at hand!

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Bamboo or wooden toothbrushes are the most frequent «green» choice. At the time, «vegan» bristles are not easily biodegradable, not even the plant based ones, because of the chemical processes. (The compatibility with biomass plants has to be tested first.)

[Be careful: many products are claimed as «ecological» only because they’re «recyclable» or with replaceable parts, that allow to «save plastic». But we already know that less than 4% of plastic is actually recycled and the only way to «save» it is to use alternatives.]

Here you have some examples of eco-friendly choices.

Wooden toothbrush with pig bristles, 100% biodegradable. If you’re vegan for ethical reasons, skip to the next ones.

Bamboo toothbrush with bamboo [Tea Natura], castor oil [Hydrophil] or nylon 6 bristles [Georganics]. These types of bristles have to be separated and thrown in the mixed waste. Moreover, the bamboo’s origin could be a drawback: China, not really what we define «farm-to-table» or «zero kilometre».

Miswak, the root of a special tree. It’s a bit complex to use, but lots of people testify its really beneficial effects! It’s sold almost everywhere in tiny plastic bags… Here two rare exemplars [Blissany, photo below, and Groomarang] apparently packed in cardboard only.

Bamboo toothbrush case [Hydrophil].

▪ Toothbrush mugs made from ceramic or glass: you can find them in your kitchen 😉 or you buy some fancy new ones.

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There are many ways you can «do it yourself», it requires little time, it’s cheap, healthy and lasts long. Here you have a fast, easy and customizable recipe with coconut oil and baking soda.

If you prefer to buy the toothpaste, here you have some suggestions.

Tooth paste or powder in glass jars [Georganics paste/powder].

Solid toothpaste: lasts long and it’s very easy to use, Lamazuna and Georganics sell it online. Dr. Bronner produces a natural and ethic bar soap, which has many uses, including as toothpaste! It’s sold in spice shops or similar (if you can’t find it, contact the distributor in your country).

▪ Pure coconut oil (in glass jar): it has many beneficial properties, even as toothpaste!

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Dental floss

There are lots of natural flosses, but read the descriptions carefully: some may have synthetic components (petroleum-based wax, for example).

Silk and candelilla wax floss, contained in glass and aluminium [Georganics, photo below]. Very practical, clean (and fashionable). There are even floss-refills on sale, so you don’t have to throw the dispenser away!

Silk and beeswax floss, in a cardboard and bio-plastic box, 100% biodegradable [Monte Bianco]. (There are no refills and the box is a bit inconvenient to use.)

Igiene orale al naturale | Natural oral hygiene

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Most of mouthwashes are sold in plastic. The target is to find the most ecological packaging. Here some suggestions.

Coconut oil (in glass jar): not only good as toothpaste, even as mouthwash!

▪ Various natural mouthwashes, all contained in glass and aluminium [Georganics].

▪ Organic eucalyptus hydrosol, contained in glass and aluminium [Biopark Cosmetics, photo above].

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Be smart and save money

As you see, this is an interesting variety of environment friendly products. Everyone has to choose according to his preferences: practicality, shape, flavour… Search, try and find your perfect toothbrush and paste combo! The same for the floss and everything you need.

Ecological, natural and healthier products are on average more expensive than the plastic ones. Prices will probably decrease in future, but in the meantime, you can save some money following these tips.

▪ When you discover a good product, search for it on other websites, of other brands or in stores nearby. You could find better prices or have the chance to make cumulative purchases (see next tips).

▪ Buy more items, in family-size, from one seller. (Check all items on his website.) So, you save twice: on the shipment (sometimes free over a given amount) and on the convenience of multiple-packages instead of single ones.

[Two virtuous producers: they use «zero plastic» packaging and answer kindly to users’ requests.
Hydrophil: based in Germany (Hamburg); good assortment of «eco» oral hygiene and personal care products; free shipping in Germany from 10 € and rest of the world from 50 €.
Georganics: based in England (Sussex) with stores all over Europe; excellent assortment of «green» oral hygiene products (photo below); free shipping in the UK from 15 £ ≈ 17 €; in Europe from 75 £ ≈ 85 €.]

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▪ Involve friends and relatives in joining your purchase: you minimize the shipping costs and you could ask for volume discounts.

▪ If you have specialized stores nearby, check what they provide, their prices and if they offer volume discounts (same as for the previous tip).

Always remember: when you buy online, ask for plastic-free packaging (better before the purchase). It’s pointless to buy 100% eco-friendly products if they’re sent in bubble wrap and plastic tape.


Did you find or do you use other healthy and natural oral hygiene accessories? Comment and don’t hesitate to tell us! And if you enjoyed the article, share it with your friends! 😊 Now you are ready for the next step: zero waste (and few money) personal care! 😉

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