Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!
Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!

Plastic-free life

To live without plastic, is that even possible? Seems to be a far away, utopian target… Lucky for us, from here to utopia, there’s much room for improvement!

But why should we worry about this infamous and so despised plastic? Let’s start with a couple of images.

So, this is how it looks like to have oceans increasingly full of waste. If we don’t begin to take care about plastic, she will be the one taking care of us!

In the world, the average of recycled plastic is around 4%. We already know that plastic entered our food chain, through marine organisms, which swallow very tiny pieces, mixed with plankton. It similarly happens on land: plastic doesn’t decompose, it crumbles into increasingly smaller particles.

But how many of us are aware of having plastic inside their bodies? Yes, over 90% of the world’s population is affected, for a simple reason: every time you drink or eat substances contained or wrapped in specific types of plastic, you’re eating plastic; every time you wear synthetic clothes, your body is exposed to plastic absorption. This comes from chemicals (phthalates and bisphenol A, above all) which are continuously released (heat, acid substances and scratches accelerate the process).

Having bisphenol A (BPA) inside the body might lead to serious consequences. Hundreds of independent scientific studies reveal a very strict correlation between high BPA rates in blood and: infertility, hormonal disturbances, asthma, diabetes, overweight, cardiovascular diseases, fetal brain underdevelopment, breast and prostate cancer.

[Here you can find more about plastic related health issues. A movie everybody should watch is «Plastic Planet» by Werner Boote: in one and a half hour you get to understand and know more things about plastic, than you ever did in your entire life.]

So… What can we do now?

Well, the best thing would be to prevent pollution, instead of finding solutions after the damage is done. And here comes the good part (finally!): to fight the planet’s (and our) «plasticization» is a task anyone can do!

Yes, even you, from now on, will be able to contribute to reverse the trend, with no excessive efforts. «And how can I do it?» you may be wondering… Easy, you start to introduce little changes in your everyday life. You don’t have to overturn your habits, you can begin with simple stuff.

For example, learn how to practice an ecological and healthier oral hygiene and personal care!

Or, if you need to ship or send something, do it without plastic and unnecessary waste.

More suggestions on this remarkable post, which is the reason why I choose to not translate the rest of my original article.

As you will notice, giving plastic completely up is still a hard mission, mainly because of the difficulty of finding ecological, healthy (and affordable) alternatives. Yet with our choices we can make those alternatives grow. Not less important, we also considerably improve our health and cut the amount of waste we produce (not only plastic).

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