Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!
Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!

Life is ticking away, time to smile!

We get used since childhood to live «in a hurry». We are flooded by thousands of commitments, we don’t even manage to complete them all. We live of renounces, because «there isn’t enough time».

At the end of the day we are exhausted, at the end of the week we are wrecked, at month’s end we are annihilated, at year’s end we hope the next will be better. Then it all starts over again.

We are hamsters on a never-stopping wheel. «Move it or lose it», is modern society’s motto.

If anyone asks you, what’s your biggest wish now, what do you answer? And if he asks you, what’s the most important thing in your life, what do you say?

Someone thinks about money and wishes to be rich. Someone thinks of his family and wants it to be united and happy. Someone thinks of his nation and joins the army or gets into parliament. Someone is religious and becomes a priest.

Every priority seems legitimate, apparently unquestionable. But we may discover we couldn’t be more off course than that.

Slow down for a minute, take a break, no one is running after you. Breathe deeply, feel the air filling your chest. If you don’t realize what’s really the most important thing in your life, then watch this little video.

In a few sentences, a handful of words, is enclosed the true importance of life, it’s essence!

Synthesis of the transcription. (If you think 8 minutes are too many, watch the first minutes only. You will see…)

« What is the most important thing in your life right now? You’re alive, isn’t it?

«Sadhguru that’s okay, but I have a bundle of thousand rupees, I don’t know where to go.» That’s fine, that is also important. But what is the most important thing? You’re alive right now.

Because you’re alive, your family has become important, your money has become important, your country has become important. So many other things have become important, only because you are alive right now.

That you’re alive is the most important thing in your life.

Suppose, tomorrow morning you wake up… You know every day nearly a quarter million people die on the planet, natural death. A quarter million people died, but you did not. Tomorrow morning you wake up, you check: «am I alive?» If you’re alive, will you give yourself one big smile?

If a quarter million die, at least two to three million people lose somebody who’s dear to them. So, you check those three-four people who are very important in your life, all of them are alive today. One more big smile?

Then you check time, it’s 11:30. You’re still alive. Don’t think this is a joke. What’s ticking off is not the clock, it’s your life. It’s not the clock, it is your life ticking away. It’s twelve o’clock and you’re still alive. Every time you check time, you must give yourself a smile, if you are still alive. If you are dead, you are pardoned.

So many people walk on the street as if they are practicing their posture for the grave. Don’t worry, it’ll come naturally. Death is super-efficient, it doesn’t need practice. When it happens… boom, hundred percent. People live inefficiently, but nobody dies inefficiently. So, will you promise me this: every time you check the watch, you must give yourself a smile. Still on, still on.

You don’t know how it’s happening. Do you really know? No. So many people, who were so real just like you and me, pooop and they’re gone. Just gone, nowhere to be seen.

If you come to the idea of mortality once in a way, it’ll make you depressed and fearful. But if you live with it every moment, it will make you absolutely exuberant and alive. Because it’s just this one thing: it’s not forever. This is just for a brief period. And the more joyful you are, briefer it becomes. If you are ecstatic, it’ll vanish in no time.

If you come to terms with it, if you live this way every moment, you appreciate one thing and only one thing. Because the most important thing in your life is you’re alive right now. To be alive, fully alive, one hundred percent alive. Only if something is hundred percent alive, you can make it yield something beautiful.

Let’s say you have a little plant in your house. Or a mango tree. It’s like this [simulating depression], which is just imitating you. Can you force it to give lot of sweetness? No. It’s alive in a big way, you can expect sweetness just from that. Nobody has to teach the mango tree, which is alive, «please give sweetness». It will pour it out anyway.

Miserable people have to be taught: «Please be loving, please be nice to people, gentle to people, do this, do that». All these things become necessary, because somehow you are half alive. If you are exuberantly alive, it is natural for human consciousness to bleed sweetness, every moment of your life.

We don’t know what great things you will do or not. We don’t know whether you’ll climb Mount Everest or not. We don’t know whether you will run faster than Mr. Bolt or not. We don’t know whether you will become the richest man or woman in the world or not.

But you must do this one thing for yourself, which you deserve and is one-hundred percent in your hands: live as a joyful human being. This much is possible for every one of us.

Our ability to fix the world around us is subject to various realities. Some things work, some things don’t, because it involves too many forces. Sometimes it falls into place, sometimes not.

If we do everything we can do in our lives or not is determined by this: only if you’re joyful by your own nature, only when you have no fear of suffering, you will dare to walk your life full stride. Everything that you can do, you will do.

If we don’t do what we cannot do, it’s not an issue. But if we don’t do what we can do, we live a disastrous life. It’s my wish and my blessing that you should not become such a disaster. Everything that you can do must happen in this life. The fundamental ambience needed to make it happen is that you are a joyful human being by your own nature.

What’s the time? Still on. »

Sadhguru, «Life is ticking away – Time to smile!» (source and full transcript).

And what do you think about life? Are we really destined to run incessantly after fictitious desires and priorities, till the end of our days? Or can we allow us to live with joy the precious time and life we were gifted? 🙂

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