Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!
Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!

Healthy and ecological personal care

The bathroom is a big source of waste. We already saw healthy and ecological alternatives for oral care, why not do the same for all the body? 🛁 🌿 ♻ 😊

Shower and bath
Beard and hair
Women’s stuff

Shampoo e docciaschiuma | Shampoo and shower gel

Once, a single soap, maybe even natural and homemade, was used for everything. Nowadays we are surrounded by hundreds of plastic bottles and any kind of mixtures. Something got wrong… But all is not lost!

Shower and bath

Let’s start from the beginning: how to replace shower gel, shampoo and liquid soap!

Bar soap (photo below), possibly natural (check the ingredients) and wrapped in paper (if there’s plastic, you can hear it creak). You find it in supermarkets, in the ones specialized with cleaning and personal care you have more choices.

In spice shops or Lush and similar, you may find them bulk (remember to take a container from home). All soaps can be used for body, while for hair there are even more specific ones. Someone uses pure Castile soap, others the «All one» from Dr. Bronner’s. It’s subjective, so try and find your favourite bar soap!

Shampoo and body wash bars are soaps especially made for those purposes. They are a bit more expensive and are sold only in specialized shops (online on Ecco Verde), spice shops, Lush and so on.

▪ If you like body sponges, choose the natural versions: for example, made from hemp or luffa (you can even grow it on your own). Sea sponges are animals, not a good choice, because of the devastating exploitation of marine ecosystems. (Unless they come from farming, maybe).

Deodorant bar, powder or cream, you can buy it (in glass jar, paper or bulk) or do it yourself.

Saponette | Bar soap

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Beard and hair

▪ Instead of shaving gel or foam, try coconut virgin oil (in glass jar) or a shaving bar soap (wrapped in paper, photo below).

▪ With a safety razor (photo below) you replace the single use or electric shavers. The only waste is the blade, but you can use it more times, if you clean and dry it properly (till it loses its sharpness). The most ecological and cheap solution for shaving the beard is the straight razor.

▪ If you prefer waxing, you may try «sugaring», a natural technique. Or a waxing machine instead of the single use stripes.

▪ Look for wooden, bamboo or bio-plastic brushes and combs.

Hairdryer(s): is it really necessary own one each, plus the «travel» version? Who has short hair may not even need it, the others can share one together. 😉

Rasoio e schiuma | Razor and foam

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Women’s stuff

The male/female distinction is no longer what it used to be, but first things first…

Washable tampons (natural, not synthetic) or, even better, menstrual cups (photo below): many women who try them, never get back!

Ecological makeup may have natural ingredients, but it’s mostly contained in plastic. The best ones are sold in glass, but they’re not easy to find.

▪ To remove the makeup, use natural cloth (hemp, cotton or you cut some old towels/clothes) and coconut oil. Synthetic microfiber loses tiny pieces which get through filters and end up into environment (sea, land).

Zero waste, time and money face and body scrub: pure and simple coffee grounds! No other ingredients are needed, but if you want, you may check some recipes.


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Toilet paper: the easiest choice is to buy the maxi packs, instead of many small ones (at least plastic is reduced). If you feel virtuous and you don’t want to give up so fast, search for paper, bio-plastic packaging or ask wholesale suppliers, they could have toilet paper in cardboard boxes.

Cotton buds: you may not need them, if you clean your ears under the shower (plus, they’re not recommended). If you don’t live without, search them made of 100% cotton (in cardboard packs) or, even better, bamboo, washable and reusable.

Here you have some virtuous companies, which offer many ecological products and packaging, with less plastic as possible.

Hydrophill: toothbrushes, cotton buds, body sponges, soap, lip balm; 100% plastic-free shipping, free from 10 € in Germany, 50 € rest of the world.

Kost Kamm: combs, brushes, products for shaving (safety razor, shaving soap etc.), make-up, body and baby care; 100% plastic-free shipping, free from 60 €.

▪ Lamazuna (French or Italian, English): sponges, solid products (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, shaving soap), menstrual cups, bamboo instead of cotton buds; shipping with little plastic.

Alternatively, search the mentioned items on Internet (for example, «coconut oil», «shaving soap» and so on) or in stores, shops: you may find better articles and prices.


Do you already use ecological personal care products? Which one would you suggest? If you don’t, which attracts you the most? Share this guide, if you liked it! 😊

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