Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!
Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!


Le piccole azioni germogliano. | Little actions sprout.

Here you have the chance to look into a series of current topics, strictly connected to sustainability, respect for ourselves, the others and everything is part of our existence.
Seems to sound pretty philosophic, but have no fear, the posts mostly concern concrete and practical matters!

Some examples.

Life is ticking away, time to smile! – Always in a hurry, flooded by thousands of commitments, never enough time? Then it’s not so wrong if you give yourself a moment of reflection… Once in a while, remember to take a breath! 😉

Plastic-free life – Giving it completely up is impossible, but we can reduce the amount of plastic (and waste) we produce. All we need is to be mindful and make simple choices. It’s a widespread topic, do you know why? ♻️

▪ (Nearly) zero waste (and few money) oral hygiene and personal care – Once you start heading towards a more ecological life, you soon realize everything in your bathroom… is made of plastic! But don’t panic, there are so many natural and healthier alternatives, you will be spoilt for choice!

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Please notice that most of the blog is in Italian. But if you browse within the English section, you can find some interesting articles written in English!


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