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The environment is the air you breathe, the water you drink and use to wash yourself, the food you eat, the place you live in… Find out more, flipping through this category!

Shampoo e docciaschiuma | Shampoo and shower gel

Healthy and ecological personal care

Can personal care and hygiene be economical, ecological, healthy and natural at the same time? Yes, certainly! You only need to know what and where to search: supermarkets, stores, spice shops… No more single use, no more polluting waste, alternatives are everywhere, let’s go find them!

Scatoloni riciclati | Recycled boxes

Ecological shipments

Ecological shipments are not enough spread and common yet. Learn simple and economical methods to eliminate plastic wrappings from your mail and shipping. You can still protect the goods from being damaged, using paper or cardboard in many and smart ways. Ask online vendors to do the same!

Igiene orale in plastica | Petroleum-based oral hygene

Plastic-free oral hygiene

Brushing teeth is a so common and automatic ritual, no one thinks about it. If you look carefully, you see that everything you have for oral hygiene… is made of plastic! Luckily, there are lots of ecological alternatives: toothbrushes, toothpaste and much more!

Un mare di rifiuti. | See full of garbage.

Plastic-free life

Giving plastic completely up is still a very hard task, but there are lots of tricks you can adopt to reduce its use. Your and the other’s health and the environment will benefit of your conscious choices. One always starts with small steps, heading to great results!