Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!
Everyone in his own «little» way can do great things!

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Who hasn’t ever witnessed to an unpleasant episode thinking «I can’t do anything about it, even if I did it would be meanless»? That’s how people give up to resignation, especially in the face of big events, that may concern a nation or even the entire planet.

If you see a troubled parent or a friend in need, it comes naturally for you to find a way to help them. In the end it’s easy to realize that your help was important.

Now imagine it’s not a person who is «suffering», but a group of people (workers of a factory, a population…) or a geographic area (a polluted river, the Amazon rainforest…) instead. Does it come just as natural to carry out a solution, convincing yourself that your support is determinant?

Of course not, what questions! Somebody gives up and prefers to not bother. Others don’t get discouraged, they engage actively through simple actions or directly on the front line.

You could get surprised finding out how simple it is to make your and the other’s life richer. «To make the world a better place to live in»: one always starts with small steps, every little action is significant, everyone matters!

The following clip, taken from Pixar/Disney’s «A bug’s life» 1998 movie, says more than a thousand words…

Let’s leave boring debates and slogans behind. We’re not here to convince anyone he has to commit himself only because «there is strength in numbers» or whatsoever. On this blog you can find concrete ideas and solutions, suggestions, thoughts, discussions, articles and much more, which you could use as inspiration or put into practice in everyday life.

This is a collection from which everyone can freely draw on, copying and sharing whatever he likes, limitless, without prohibitions. It’s enough to link the source and the deed is done!

Anyone can contribute in a simple and immediate way, leaving his feedback through a comment, or sending a «guest post», in order to share his experience with the community. (If you are interested in some forms of collaboration, get in touch using this section.)

The website is young, newborn, so please be patient, the contents are coming. If you got curious, read one of the first articles!

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P.S. Now that you made it so far, leave a feedback right below, whether a positive or negative comment: the reader’s opinions and impressions are a most valuable resource for the growth of a website!

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