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Admin and owner of «effederico.net», I’m the main author of the blog. Based in the middle of Friuli, I’m Federico, born in late 80s, fascinated by nature, its beauty and richness, since I was a kid.

Many passions came along the way:
▪ math, design and buildings, hence the bachelor’s degree in civil engineering;
sustainable building and resource efficiency, hence the «Nearly zero energy buildings» Master degree;
read, discover, learn and spread information, curiosity, positivity;
▪ admire and study deep aspects of the human being (personalities, attitudes, ways to relate and communicate…), hence the enrollment to the «Counseling School».

I like to be curious, feel free, here and now. I don’t like turns of phrase, I prefer directness.

The website combines my greatest passions and the will of putting myself out there. The purpose is to encourage other people to become more conscious and responsible: it could lead to surprising benefits and satisfactions!

Now, enough talking about me. Check the latest interesting and useful articles instead! If you are undecided, you can start from «Plastic-free life» or from «Life is ticking away, time to smile!».

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